Opiate Treatment Costs

Our Outpatient Detox Costs for the Sunrise and Ft. Lauderdale Areas

Initial Office Visit with a Detox-Certified physicians – $79.00

· Comprehensive examination by one of our detox-certified physicians

· Evaluation of your medical history and records (previous MRI, X-Ray, or other diagnostic paperwork)

· Set personal individualized goals

· Assessment guidelines for continuum of care

· Thorough explanation of appropriate medications and dosage

· Initial visit typically takes between 1-2 hours with subsequent followup visits lasting approximately 15-30 minutes

· Please call the office which is most convenient for you.

If necessary:

· Additional screening and diagnostic testing referrals (MRI, X-Ray, blood work…etc.)

· Referrals to non-pharmacological treatment facilities (physical therapy, massage therapy, NA or AA meetings, acupuncture, psychological counseling…etc.)

Second Follow-Up Office Visit – $59

· Comprehensive evaluation by one of our SAMSHA-certified physician

· Assessment of personal goals

· Discreet and confidential process

· Continual supervised care and assessment during entire visit

· Individualized titration plan to taper off medications

· Thorough explanation of appropriate medications

· Referrals to additional healthcare support facilities

· Access during off hours to office personnel for guidance or questions regarding your treatment

Any subsequent bi-weekly visits – $139

· Meet with physician and other detox management professionals for progress review

· Review of personal goals and quality of life enhancements, including work activities/requirements and social interactions/relationships

· Evaluation of any new testing or reports

· Evaluation of individualized titration or tapering plan

· Continuation of pharmacological protocol and education on the absolute necessity of some sort of addiction counseling

Medication Adjustments-TBD

· Meet with physician between regularly scheduled appointments if absolutely necessary.

· Reevaluation of medication and its effectiveness

· Possible adjustment of personalized detox plan

· Cost to be determined on an individual basis

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