South Florida Opiate Treatment Cost

We offer the most comprehensive outpatient detox treatment in the Sunrise and Fort Lauderdale Area. Our initial office visit with a detox-certified physician will typically take between one and two hours; follow up visits should only last 15 to 30 minutes.

This includes a comprehensive examination to discuss your medical history, medical records, any previous MRI, X-ray, or other diagnostic paperwork. If these are not available and your physician feels they’re necessary, additional screening and diagnostic testing referrals may be made. Referrals to non-pharmacological treatment facilities may also be suggested.

Next, we’ll work with you to set personal individualized goals for your treatment. We’ll set specific guidelines to measure as you make progress with your treatment. Lastly, our detox certified physician will provide a thorough explanation of appropriate medications and dosage so the details of your treatment are clear.

Your initial office visit with a detox physician will cost $79. To schedule an appointment, contact the office closest to you.

Follow-up detox evaluations

After your initial office visit and personal evaluation, your detox treatment will begin. To check in with you on your progress, we will schedule a second follow-up office visit, which includes a comprehensive evaluation by one of our SAMSHA-certified physicians. We’ll assess your progress, reevaluate your personal goals, and offer continual supervised care moving forward with your treatment. We will talk about an individualized plan to taper your medications and refer you to any further health care support facilities. You will also be given access to office personnel outside of normal business hours for guidance or questions regarding your treatment.

These follow-up visits will last 15 to 30 minutes and will cost $59 each. All our office visits are conducted with discretion in mind. Our patients’ privacy is important to us!

Biweekly detox appointments

During these office visits, you’ll meet with a physician or another detox management professional to review your progress, adjust your treatment, or refer you to another professional for a specific purpose. We’ll review your personal goals, discuss your quality of life improvements, and assess any potential employment or social responsibilities and your treatment’s impact on them.

Next, we’ll evaluate your current tapering plan and make any necessary adjustments. We generally suggest all our patients continue forward with some sort of addiction counseling to remain successful in their sober journey.

Biweekly visits are offered for $139 and should last for less than a half hour.

Nonscheduled appointments

If you need to see a medical professional between your regularly scheduled visits, we can generally accommodate you. We’ll reevaluate your medication and its effectiveness and make adjustments if we deem necessary. The cost for these visits will be determined on an individual basis.

Call us to schedule your first appointment.

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