Heroin Detox in Broward, FL

Drug dependency can be difficult to overcome on your own. Whether you have tried unsuccessfully to quit in the past or you are worried and anxious about the effects of opiate withdrawal, an experienced and compassionate substance abuse counselor can provide the support and guidance you need throughout this process. At South Florida Detox Center, our staff will work with you to find a customized drug dependence treatment plan that’s right for you, beginning with outpatient heroin detox options near West Palm Beach in Broward County, FL.

A growing epidemic

If you’re struggling with heroin addiction, you’re not alone. The rate of opioid-related deaths in Florida is higher than the national average, and 90% of fatal overdoses in Broward County involve heroin and other opioids. Please don’t let this be your story. You owe it to yourself to seek qualified, compassionate care. The experienced doctors and counselors at South Florida Detox Center are here to help create a customized, effective outpatient heroin detox program to help get you on the road to long-term recovery.

Understanding opiate withdrawal

Heroin and other opioids cause changes throughout the body that lead to physical addiction as well as mental dependence. When drug intake is lowered or halted, your body experiences withdrawal symptoms associated with a period of readjustment. In order to recover from addiction, your body must learn how to function without the presence of the drug. This process is known as detoxification, or detox for short.

Heroin is considered part of the opiate family of drugs, and long-term use incites numerous changes in the brain and body. Over time, the body becomes dependent on heroin, requiring increased amounts of the drug to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Common heroin withdrawal symptoms include feelings of agitation and anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, abdominal cramping, nausea, and vomiting, as well as congestion, sweating, and muscle aches. At the Broward County branch of South Florida Detox Center, we offer outpatient treatment solutions like Suboxone to help aid you through the heroin detox process.

The benefits of a medication-assisted drug detox treatment

Drug detox is one of the first steps in substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery. However, because opiate withdrawal can be uncomfortable and stressful, many people find it difficult to quit heroin on their own by going “cold turkey” with no medical assistance. Unsupervised withdrawal can be a particularly vulnerable time, especially when it comes to potential relapse.  South Florida Detox Center offers a number of outpatient heroin detox programs, including Suboxone treatment, to help ease recovery and set you up for success.

  • The use of regulated medication during drug detox is first and foremost designed to lessen withdrawal symptoms to make the detoxification period easier and more comfortable.
  • Because the medication will dull the effect of opiate withdrawal, you will remain more resolute in your decision and feel calmer throughout the process, even as more time passes.
  • Thanks to the easier transition it provides away from drug addiction, medication-assisted drug detox treatment can also reduce the chances of a relapse due to anxiety or discomfort.
  • By reducing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, medication can also help you feel healthier and prevent complications or injuries during detox due to dehydration or falls.

Medication-assisted heroin detox treatment can reduce or eliminate many of the symptoms of withdrawal for a more comfortable and positive process. You can learn more about medication-assisted drug detox, outpatient detox, and how to detox safely from opiates such as heroin, Vicodin, Percocet, roxycodone, and oxycontin by calling our Broward County branch of the South Florida Detox Center at (954) 533-6568.

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