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Have questions about how detox works or what you can expect when you seek treatment from our Sunrise, West Palm Beach, and Port St Lucie, FL, outpatient opiate detox centers? We’re here to help.

If you have been struggling with heroin and opiate addiction, you probably have many questions about the detox process. The team at South Florida Detox Center has compiled the following list of commonly asked questions and answers.

When does drug use really become a problem?

Perhaps your drug use began with pain medication for an injury or surgery or as occasional recreational use. Over time, the frequency and doses increased and you found yourself using opiates daily. Now, you might become irritated or angry if you miss a dose. Your family and friends might have made comments to you about their concerns, and instead of addressing the issues, you decided to conceal your activities. You may even feel guilty and have tried to stop on your own but were unsuccessful. If any of these situations sound familiar, your opiate, prescription drug or other chemical dependency may have become a problem.

Why is detox necessary?

Heroin addiction is both mental and physical. Your body begins to crave the physical effects of heroin, while your mind craves the feelings that accompany these effects. The process of denying heroin to your addicted body and mind can be difficult, but it is important. You should never take this step alone. The caring team at South Florida Detox Center in Broward, FL, is here to help. Detoxification is an essential, non-negotiable step in your recovery from heroin addiction.

What is detoxification?

Withdrawal can be a painful, unpleasant, and even dangerous process. Detoxification is a medically-supervised, safe, structured version of heroin withdrawal. Without medical supervision, withdrawal’s difficult mental and physical symptoms can put you in a position that makes you especially vulnerable to relapse. With South Florida Detox Center’s outpatient detoxification programs, our staff will make you as comfortable as possible, and you’ll be able to go through the detox process at your home anywhere in South Florida.

Why are additional addiction services necessary?

Physical detoxification is only the first step in a process towards a healthy, addiction-free life. We can help ease the discomfort associated with the physical withdrawal symptoms and provide medical guidance throughout the detox process, but there are many facets involved with dependency. We want to ensure the highest chance for prolonged success. This is done by helping you find the resources needed to address the triggers that may have led to the dependency, as well as learning new coping techniques to reduce the risk of relapse. We know chemical addiction is a physical dependency, but it is not exclusively a physical dependency. Mental health needs to be confronted for a complete recovery, too.

What is the treatment process at South Florida Detox?

Before you receive any treatment, you must undergo an addiction assessment with one of our detox-certified physicians. Treatment is designed to fit your individual needs. All of our programs are outpatient so you have minimal interruption to your normal routine. Depending on the services needed, you can expect to be under our care from a few weeks to several months. After the initial daylong detox, there may be follow-up visits and assessments to ensure you remain focused on your goals.

What is Suboxone™? Is it addictive, too?

Suboxone was introduced in the United States in 2003 for the treatment of opiate addiction. It is similar to opiates to the extent that it can ease the severe withdrawal symptoms, but does not fully bind to receptors to produce the euphoria. Under our supervision and care, Suboxone™ is used during the first 24-48 hours of your detox process to relieve any discomfort. After the initial dose, you may taper off the medication on an individualized timeline. Our main goal is to help you become chemical-free, and when used correctly, addiction to Suboxone™ should not be an issue.

Is outpatient detox a good choice for me?

If you haven’t been addicted to heroin for a long time or if you’ve typically only partaken in small amounts, you may be a good candidate for outpatient detox. You’ll still need medical approval, but those approved for outpatient detox typically have mild-to-moderate withdrawal symptoms. Your daily activities, like work or school, will have minimal interruption. When choosing an outpatient detox, though, you will need to have a strong personal commitment to your recovery, as you will not be protected from the stress of daily life like you would in a recovery center.

Why choose South Florida Detox Center?

Our doctors have more than 10 years of experience with the detoxification process. We are kind and compassionate professionals committed to helping you define and achieve your recovery goals. We create an individual plan, customized with your needs in mind, to reduce the stress and discomfort of the withdrawal process. Our program is discreet and confidential; you can receive the help you need with minimal disruption to your life. If you’re seeking outpatient detox in South Florida, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We offer several outpatient detox locations throughout South Florida:

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