Suboxone Treatment In West Palm Beach

Here at the South Florida Detox Center, our aim is to provide a discreet, professional, and compassionate environment for people struggling with the scourge of opioid addiction. Our detox facilities are designed to help our patients safely and effectively regain control of their lives and loosen their dependence on opiates. The road to recovery can be fraught with many uncertainties. Our entire team is dedicated to hosting an environment that is free from judgment and ready to help. We utilize the latest in opioid addiction treatment options using Suboxone, a medication that helps to make the withdrawal process cleaner, safer, and less physically and mentally painful. The West Palm Beach location of the South Florida Detox Center is focused on an outpatient detox program, and our teams work with our patients and their family and friends to determine the best course of treatment. We know how painful drug addiction can be, but the road to recovery begins here at South Florida Detox Center. Professional, caring and compassionate doctors and therapists are ready to help. Call us today for more information if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction from heroin, painkillers, or any other opiate.

Suboxone Treatments

Our doctors utilize Suboxone in our treatment for opiate addiction. This medication includes buprenorphine which is not a full opiate agonist and naloxone which helps to prevent misuse. Suboxone assists patients who are recovering from detox treatment to feel less of the painful physical side effects of withdrawal. During heroin detox, the body becomes physically weak because of prior reliance on the drugs – Suboxone which includes buprenorphine and naloxone help to mitigate these painful physical side effects. Our doctors at South Florida Detox Center have the experience required to properly utilize these drugs effectively. This opioid replacement therapy has a small potential for overdose, and the dosing and usage are closely monitored by the doctors here so that the patients are kept safe from future abuse. Correct usage of medications like Suboxone can vastly increase the desire to use heroin and other dangerous opiates. Our team is well versed with these techniques and we want both the patients and their families to feel confident and at ease that we are providing top level drug treatment services. All of our doctors are well trained and empathetic to drug addiction situations. We understand how hard it can be for everyone involved. We aim to work closely with our patients and develop personal relationships so we can better treat them and help end their dependency and addiction.


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The West Palm Beach location of the South Florida Detox Center is located directly on Okeechobee Boulevard just off Exit 99 of the Florida Turnpike or a short drive off Exit 70 of Interstate 95.

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