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    Suboxone can be an extremely effective medication for controlling withdrawal symptoms and helping people manage the opiate detox process as easily as possible. However, myths about using Suboxone has made some people wary to include it in their drug addiction treatment plan, because they fear swapping one addiction for another. In reality, when it is properly managed by a substance abuse counselor as part of your drug addiction treatment, using Suboxone in West Palm Beach is safe and effective.

    Suboxone was FDA-approved for treating detox symptoms in 2003 and has a long, proven track record of success. It is a mix of two medications, one that is an opioid, and one that blocks the pleasurable feelings caused by taking an opiate. The opioid in Suboxone does not bind to receptors and cause euphoria, as drugs linked to addiction do, and the additional medication blocks any pleasurable feelings that do occur. As a result, Suboxone does not lead to drug abuse and addiction.

    Recovery Through Detox

  • The Benefits of Using Suboxone Over Methadone During Recovery

    Suboxone treatment in West Palm Beach is frequently recommended over methadone for opiate detox. Suboxone has been proven to be highly effective in helping patients overcome painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. If you or a loved one is addicted to heroin or prescription pills, suboxone can ensure your comfort without producing the risky “high” associated with methadone. If you do not want to take any chances with your drug addiction recovery, choose suboxone. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of suboxone over methadone, including that it ensures safe recovery, alleviates painful symptoms, and removes the addictive high.

    Ensures Safe Recovery

    One of the biggest benefits of suboxone treatment is that it is guaranteed to be safe. While no one who is addicted to heroin or prescription medications ever plans to use again, relapses do happen. With suboxone, it is highly unlikely that a patient will overdose, even if he or she does use a street drug during treatment. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about methadone, which patients can overdose on.

    Alleviates Painful Symptoms

    Suboxone Over Methadone During Recovery Suboxone is also preferred to methadone because it is proven to be effective in alleviating painful withdrawal symptoms. Drug addiction wreaks havoc on the addict’s mind and body. That is why drug detox can be excruciating and exhausting, both physically and psychologically. With suboxone, you can get relief from your symptoms without having to visit a clinic every single day. You only need a single prescription, which means you can accomplish drug detox as an easy outpatient process.

    Removes Addictive High

    Suboxone is preferred to methadone because it is not accompanied by a euphoric high. When patients drug detox with methadone, they can expect to feel similar effects to when they use heroin. Of course, a methadone high is far milder. Nevertheless, methadone can itself be addictive. Suboxone focuses on easing detox symptoms and provides no high at all. When patients are finished with treatment, they will feel no urge to return to suboxone—or to heroin.

  • Using Suboxone for Outpatient Treatment

    Suboxone treatment in West Palm Beach is highly effective in drug detox . With suboxone, opiate detox is both comfortable and safe for former addicts.

    Suboxone treatment has been proven to help individuals struggling with heroin or prescription drugs overcome their addictions. Suboxone has been used since the early 2000s to help patients of all ages deal with the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of opiate detox. Unlike methadone, which produces a high that mirrors heroin, suboxone is designed to precisely target withdrawal symptoms. That means that suboxone itself is not addictive—and will not lead to another drug addiction. Suboxone is the first FDA-approved prescription medication for heroin detox. With suboxone, a substance abuse counselor can guide you through the process to make sure your detox is as efficient and comfortable as possible. Because suboxone is used as part of an outpatient recovery plan, you do not have to check yourself in to expensive rehab or quit your job to recover from drug addiction. Suboxone is comprised of two different medicines that work together to ease both physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal. Ideally, suboxone treatment time is short and allows patients to re-integrate back into their communities and re-establish personal relationships.

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  • Medication-Assisted Suboxone Treatment Benefits

    If you or a loved one has an opiate addiction, you might be considering treatment with Suboxone in West Palm Beach. Suboxone treatment is an incredibly safe and effective form of opiate detox that manages opioid withdrawal symptoms, and reduces the likelihood of a relapse. Here is a look at the primary benefits of medication-assisted Suboxone treatment for opiate addiction.

    Provides a Gradual Opiate Detox

    treatment with Suboxone in West Palm Beach When Suboxone treatment is provided in a drug treatment center under the supervision of a doctor and substance abuse counselor, it allows the patient to gradually wean himself off of opiates. This increases the likelihood that addiction recovery will be successful and long term, as studies have shown that patients who undergo rapid opiate detox are more likely to retain drug dependence and begin abusing opiates again. A more gradual opiate detox also gives the patient more time to work with his substance abuse counselor on an addiction recovery program.

    Lessens Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms and Cravings

    The symptoms of opiate withdrawal can be incredibly uncomfortable, and often cause people to begin using again in order to eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone treatment lessens opiate withdrawal symptoms, allowing the patient to focus fully on addiction recovery. The common symptoms of opiate withdrawal, such as depression, insomnia, fatigue, muscle pain, agitation, anxiety, vomiting, and diarrhea, can quickly discourage a patient from continuing with treatment at a substance abuse treatment center. Without Suboxone treatment, the risk of relapse is much higher. Suboxone treatment also reduces opiate cravings, which further increases the chances that a patient’s recovery will be successful and that he won’t experience a relapse.

    Allows for Productivity in Daily Life

    Because Suboxone treatment limits opiate withdrawal symptoms and cravings, it allows patients to maintain productivity in their daily lives. Rapid opiate detox is often an inpatient procedure at a drug treatment center, and patients will have to remain in treatment for a set period of time. Suboxone can be administered on an outpatient basis, and patients will be able to maintain a job and family life while in drug treatment.

  • A Look at the Ingredients in Suboxone

    If you’re in need of opiate detox in West Palm Beach , your substance abuse counselor and physician might recommend Suboxone treatment. Some patients express concern that by undergoing Suboxone treatment, they are simply replacing one drug addiction with another. In reality, unlike most substances containing opiates, Suboxone contains an opioid that can cause physical dependency, but will not cause addiction.

    The active ingredients in Suboxone are buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is an opioid, but it is different from other opioids in that it is a partial opioid agonist. This means that it causes less euphoria and physical dependence, has a lower potential for misuse, and has relatively mild withdrawal effects. When taken under the supervision of a doctor, buprenorphine can decrease opioid cravings, reduce opiate withdrawal symptoms, lower the risk of relapse, and help patients stay in drug treatment longer.

    Naloxone is a medication that is designed to reverse the effects of opioids. This decreases the risk of misuse of buprenorphine while undergoing Suboxone treatment. If Suboxone is misused and too large of a dose is taken, naloxone will block the effect of buprenorphine.

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  • The Benefits of Suboxone Treatment

    Opiate detox is a necessary first step toward addiction recovery. It can be particularlydifficult to initiate opiate detoxification because of the severe withdrawal symptoms which accompany the process. Fortunately, medications such as Suboxone make detoxification much easier. If you or a loved one has been struggling with an addiction to opiates, you should consider visiting one of our drug treatment centers located in Sunrise to discuss treatment with Suboxone.

    Suboxone Inhibits Withdrawal Symptoms

    Suboxone Inhibits Withdrawal Symptoms When opiates leave the body, an addict can experience mild to severe symptoms that may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramping. Muscle aches, hot and cold sweats, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, and insomnia are also possible. These uncomfortable symptoms prompt many addicts to return to using drugs again to obtain relief. As an alternative, when an individual instead uses Suboxone, the buprenorphine in the medication will attach itself to the opioid receptors in the brain. It serves as a substitute for the opiate to convince the brain that opioids are present in the body. Essentially, the vast majority of withdrawal symptoms which are normally experienced have now been eliminated.

    It Does Not Result in Euphoria

    Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist, rather than a full opioid like heroin or oxycodone. This means that when the drug attaches to the opioid receptors in the brain, it does not produce the pleasurable feelings of euphoria or a high that an opiate would produce. Suboxone treatment allows users to safely get through opiate detox without experiencing the intense physical craving for their drug of choice.

    It Includes Safeguards Against Abuse

    When using medications to treat drug dependence, it is only natural to be concerned about the potential for abuse of the prescribed drug. One of the ways Suboxone guards against abuse is that those who a prescribed Suboxone do not feel euphoria when they take a dosage. Another safeguard built into the drug is the “ceiling effect.” This means that even if a user takes more Suboxone than the prescribed dosage, he or she will not get high from the additional dose. Suboxone includes the drug naloxone in addition to buprenorphine. Naloxone is an opioid antagonist that can bind to the opioid receptors in the brain. When the drug is used correctly, naloxone does not have any significant effect. But if someone tries to abuse Suboxone by injecting or snorting it, the naloxone rapidly travels to the opioid receptors, displaces the buprenorphine, and triggers severe withdrawal symptoms. These are all very effective safeguards.

  • A Look at Suboxone Treatment

    If you suspect you might have a problem with drug dependence in Port St. Lucie, you can find the help you need at an outpatient drug detox facility. An addiction recovery physician can help you ease the symptoms of withdrawal by prescribing Suboxone. Suboxone treatment is often used along with cognitive behavioral therapy, support groups, and other addiction recovery programs.

    What Is Suboxone?

    Suboxone is an FDA-approved prescription medication that contains two medications. Buprenorphine hydrochloride is the primary active ingredient. It works by attaching to the opioid receptors in the brain. This reduces withdrawal symptoms and lessens the intense drug cravings that users may experience while going through drug detox. The second medication in Suboxone is naloxone. Naloxone is included to prevent users from abusing Suboxone. With the presence of naloxone, users are likely to experience withdrawal effects if they attempt to use the medication in a manner other than prescribed.

    Suboxone Detox Treatment by South Florida Detox Center Who Can Use Suboxone?

    Suboxone treatment is safe and effective for many people who are struggling with addictions to opioids. However, it’s important for patients to fully disclose their medical history to the prescribing physician. This medication is not recommended for use by patients who have severe liver problems. It should also not be used in patients who have previously demonstrated a severe reaction, such as anaphylactic shock, to either of the ingredients.

    How Should Suboxone be Taken?

    Suboxone is available in a sublingual film. This means that, unlike many other drugs, it should not be swallowed. Instead, patients will place the appropriate dosage under the tongue until the film fully dissolves. Initially, patients are likely to require a higher dosage. After the initial detox, the physician may gradually lower a patient’s dosage until he or she no longer needs the drug to remain sober.

    Is Suboxone Safe?

    Many patients have undergone Suboxone treatment and have successfully overcome their addictions without adverse complications. However, it’s important for patients to understand that every medication has the potential to cause mild to severe side effects. Suboxone may interact with other medications. For example, patients who are prescribed benzodiazepines should be aware that taking these drugs along with Suboxone may result in breathing problems. Additionally, patients should not stop Suboxone treatment abruptly without consulting their physicians, since doing so can result in withdrawal symptoms.