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    Are you considering treating your opiate drug dependence with Suboxone in West Palm Beach? Introduced to the United States in 2003, Suboxone is similar to opiates and can ease severe withdrawal effects, but will not fully bind to receptors to produce the feeling of euphoria. During your detox process, Suboxone treatment will be used for the first 24-48 hours to relieve any discomfort, and your dosage will then taper off according to a timeline created for your recovery process.

    When taken properly, Suboxone should not cause addiction, and we work together with you through the recovery process to help you wean off of the Suboxone. After your treatment, joining a support group and learning how to avoid high-risk situations can help you remain opiate-free.

    The doctors at South Florida Detox Center have more than 10 years of experience helping people through the detoxification process. Our compassionate professionals are dedicated to your successful recovery and will work with you to create a customized plan to address your individual needs. Our confidential and discreet detox programs can help you heal with minimal disruption to your daily life.

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  • Using Suboxone for Outpatient Treatment

    Suboxone treatment in West Palm Beach is highly effective in drug detox . With suboxone, opiate detox is both comfortable and safe for former addicts.

    Suboxone treatment has been proven to help individuals struggling with heroin or prescription drugs overcome their addictions. Suboxone has been used since the early 2000s to help patients of all ages deal with the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of opiate detox. Unlike methadone, which produces a high that mirrors heroin, suboxone is designed to precisely target withdrawal symptoms. That means that suboxone itself is not addictive—and will not lead to another drug addiction. Suboxone is the first FDA-approved prescription medication for heroin detox. With suboxone, a substance abuse counselor can guide you through the process to make sure your detox is as efficient and comfortable as possible. Because suboxone is used as part of an outpatient recovery plan, you do not have to check yourself in to expensive rehab or quit your job to recover from drug addiction. Suboxone is comprised of two different medicines that work together to ease both physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal. Ideally, suboxone treatment time is short and allows patients to re-integrate back into their communities and re-establish personal relationships.

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  • A Look at the Ingredients in Suboxone

    If you’re in need of opiate detox in West Palm Beach , your substance abuse counselor and physician might recommend Suboxone treatment. Some patients express concern that by undergoing Suboxone treatment, they are simply replacing one drug addiction with another. In reality, unlike most substances containing opiates, Suboxone contains an opioid that can cause physical dependency, but will not cause addiction.

    The active ingredients in Suboxone are buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is an opioid, but it is different from other opioids in that it is a partial opioid agonist. This means that it causes less euphoria and physical dependence, has a lower potential for misuse, and has relatively mild withdrawal effects. When taken under the supervision of a doctor, buprenorphine can decrease opioid cravings, reduce opiate withdrawal symptoms, lower the risk of relapse, and help patients stay in drug treatment longer.

    Naloxone is a medication that is designed to reverse the effects of opioids. This decreases the risk of misuse of buprenorphine while undergoing Suboxone treatment. If Suboxone is misused and too large of a dose is taken, naloxone will block the effect of buprenorphine.

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  • When Is Drug Use a Problem?

    Sometimes, it’s easy to determine when drug use has become a problem. For example, the use of crack cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and similar illegal drugs is always considered to be a problem because there is no accepted medical use. However, abuse is not as easy to determine when the drug was legally prescribed. Often, individuals who eventually require drug detox and substance abuse treatment in West Palm Beach were legitimately prescribed the medications that have now caused their addiction.

    Regardless of whether an analgesic drug was legitimately prescribed, patients tend to develop physical tolerance over time. Their bodies will need increasing amounts of the drug in order to obtain the same amount of pain relief. Drug abuse occurs when the patient uses the drug in a manner other than prescribed, such as taking additional amounts above the recommended dose. The patient may begin to crave the drug or to feel angry if they miss a dose. If family members express their concern, the patient may become secretive about taking the drug. These are all indicators that substance abuse treatment is needed.

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  • Addiction and Your Brain

    Individuals engaging in drug use in West Palm Beach may not initially become addicted. Addictions sometimes do gradually develop. At first, when the drug binds to receptors in the brain, the user experiences feelings of euphoria. After abusing the drug for a while, the brain does not respond the same way. Drug dependence and physical tolerance develops as the user needs increasing amounts of the substance.

    As you’ll learn by watching this video, it can take a long time for these changes to the brain to diminish, even after an individual has gone through drug detox. This interview with a medical correspondent also explains why addiction recovery is a lifelong process. Even after being in recovery for years, an individual who previously struggled with addictions can immediately become addicted again when using the substance.

  • How to Detox Safely from an Addiction

    Have you been struggling with abusing opiates, prescription drugs, or other substances? When you’re ready to take control of your life back from substance abuse, investigate safe ways to go through drug detox near West Palm Beach . Medical detox can help reduce the discomfort of detox, and can make withdrawal symptoms less severe. Seek help from qualified professionals with experience in guiding people just like you through detox to maximize your chance of a successful recovery from addiction. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about safe detox from opiates and other substances. You can detox with minimal interruption to your normal life on the right drug treatment program. Please share this important information with your friends and family. How to detox safely from an addition