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Detoxing from drugs is never pleasant, but a heroin addiction in particular can give rise to very severe withdrawal symptoms. Although going through opioid withdrawal in West Palm Beach isn’t likely to be fatal, it’s highly advisable to detox under the guidance of a doctor instead of trying to do it yourself at home. A doctor can administer Suboxone treatment , which will significantly ease the withdrawal symptoms and improve the recovering addict’s chances of successfully beating the addiction. In addition to easing the withdrawal symptoms with Suboxone, a doctor at a detox center can direct recovering addicts to further resources to give them the long-term support they need as they restructure their lives.

Mild to Moderate Withdrawal Symptoms

symptoms of cold turkey heroin detox Addictions can lead to a range of withdrawal symptoms. Some of the mild to moderate symptoms of cold turkey heroin detox include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and runny nose. Individuals may get chills, sweats, and muscle and bone aches. They may feel agitated, restless, and fatigued, and they might experience tremors.

Severe Withdrawal Effects

When heroin withdrawal is at its most severe, individuals may develop a rapid heart rate, hypertension, and even impaired breathing. Anxiety, insomnia, and depression can result from trying to quit heroin without medical support. Muscle spasms and intense cravings for the drug are other severe withdrawal effects.

Suicide Ideation

In addition to these withdrawal signs and symptoms, it’s well-known that detoxing from heroin often causes suicidal thoughts in drug addicts . In fact, it’s not unusual for heroin addicts to explain that they thought of killing themselves at least once per hour while going through withdrawal. Cold turkey withdrawal usually causes severe depression, outbursts of anger, prolonged episodes of crying, and life-endangering behaviors, which can lead to suicide attempts. It’s possible to prevent these problems altogether through Suboxone treatment.

Drug Relapse

Another major risk with trying to detox on one’s own is the possibility of a relapse. To stop the severe withdrawal symptoms and the thoughts of suicide, an addict may use heroin again. Drug relapses can be very discouraging to addicts, perhaps discouraging enough to convince the individual not to try to detox again. However, with the proper medical support, an addict can successfully work toward recovery.