Does Someone You Love Need Help with a Heroin Addiction?

Heroin addiction is a devastating disease that tears apart families and places a heavy burden on communities. Often, individuals who are struggling with addictions want to be free of them, but they lack the means to break free of drug addiction on their own. It’s essential for family members and friends to avoid turning a blind eye to the signs of addiction. There are drug treatment centers in West Palm Beach that can help your loved one, such as by providing Suboxone treatment.

Recognizing the Signs of Heroin Addiction

Recognizing the Signs of Heroin Addiction There are many possible signs of heroin addiction. These include physical changes you may see in your loved one. He or she may cycle through periods of euphoria, followed by periods of excessive sleepiness. Heroin addicts may display confusion, disorientation, unusual sleeping patterns, significant weight loss, and slurred speech. You might notice needle marks on your loved one’s arms or elsewhere on the body, and your loved one may frequently have a runny or itchy nose. Heroin addicts tend to lie frequently, perform poorly at work or school, and steal money and valuable items.

Understanding Enabling Behaviors

Once you’ve recognized that your loved one has been abusing heroin, it’s necessary to learn how to identify your own behaviors that enable him or her. Negative enabling behaviors are those that allow addicts to escape the consequences of their choices and actions. Because heroin addicts tend to spend all their money on drugs, they might lose their job and their home. Some examples of enabling behaviors include giving the addict money and a place to stay. Another enabling behavior is bailing a loved one out of jail after the addiction results in a criminal charge.

Directing Your Loved One to a Treatment Center

Let your loved one know that although you won’t enable his or her behavior, you will provide your ongoing support if he or she seeks treatment. Take the initiative to research drug detox clinics in your area and help your loved one understand that there are options beyond inpatient rehab. Many people have successfully overcome heroin addiction through outpatient Suboxone treatment. Your loved one may be more willing to try treatment if it doesn’t involve becoming an inpatient.