Opiate Detox – Blog By South Florida Detox Center

Suboxone can be an extremely effective medication for controlling withdrawal symptoms and helping people manage the opiate detox process as easily as possible. However, myths about using Suboxone has made some people wary to include it in their drug addiction treatment plan, because they fear swapping one addiction for another. In reality, when it is properly managed by a substance abuse counselor as part of your drug addiction treatment, using Suboxone in West Palm Beach is safe and effective.

Suboxone was FDA-approved for treating detox symptoms in 2003 and has a long, proven track record of success. It is a mix of two medications, one that is an opioid, and one that blocks the pleasurable feelings caused by taking an opiate. The opioid in Suboxone does not bind to receptors and cause euphoria, as drugs linked to addiction do, and the additional medication blocks any pleasurable feelings that do occur. As a result, Suboxone does not lead to drug abuse and addiction.

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