The Benefits of Using Suboxone Over Methadone During Recovery

Suboxone treatment in West Palm Beach is frequently recommended over methadone for opiate detox. Suboxone has been proven to be highly effective in helping patients overcome painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. If you or a loved one is addicted to heroin or prescription pills, suboxone can ensure your comfort without producing the risky “high” associated with methadone. If you do not want to take any chances with your drug addiction recovery, choose suboxone. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of suboxone over methadone, including that it ensures safe recovery, alleviates painful symptoms, and removes the addictive high.

Ensures Safe Recovery

One of the biggest benefits of suboxone treatment is that it is guaranteed to be safe. While no one who is addicted to heroin or prescription medications ever plans to use again, relapses do happen. With suboxone, it is highly unlikely that a patient will overdose, even if he or she does use a street drug during treatment. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about methadone, which patients can overdose on.

Alleviates Painful Symptoms

Suboxone Over Methadone During Recovery Suboxone is also preferred to methadone because it is proven to be effective in alleviating painful withdrawal symptoms. Drug addiction wreaks havoc on the addict’s mind and body. That is why drug detox can be excruciating and exhausting, both physically and psychologically. With suboxone, you can get relief from your symptoms without having to visit a clinic every single day. You only need a single prescription, which means you can accomplish drug detox as an easy outpatient process.

Removes Addictive High

Suboxone is preferred to methadone because it is not accompanied by a euphoric high. When patients drug detox with methadone, they can expect to feel similar effects to when they use heroin. Of course, a methadone high is far milder. Nevertheless, methadone can itself be addictive. Suboxone focuses on easing detox symptoms and provides no high at all. When patients are finished with treatment, they will feel no urge to return to suboxone—or to heroin.