Medication-Assisted Suboxone Treatment Benefits

If you or a loved one has an opiate addiction, you might be considering treatment with Suboxone in West Palm Beach. Suboxone treatment is an incredibly safe and effective form of opiate detox that manages opioid withdrawal symptoms, and reduces the likelihood of a relapse. Here is a look at the primary benefits of medication-assisted Suboxone treatment for opiate addiction.

Provides a Gradual Opiate Detox

treatment with Suboxone in West Palm Beach When Suboxone treatment is provided in a drug treatment center under the supervision of a doctor and substance abuse counselor, it allows the patient to gradually wean himself off of opiates. This increases the likelihood that addiction recovery will be successful and long term, as studies have shown that patients who undergo rapid opiate detox are more likely to retain drug dependence and begin abusing opiates again. A more gradual opiate detox also gives the patient more time to work with his substance abuse counselor on an addiction recovery program.

Lessens Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms and Cravings

The symptoms of opiate withdrawal can be incredibly uncomfortable, and often cause people to begin using again in order to eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone treatment lessens opiate withdrawal symptoms, allowing the patient to focus fully on addiction recovery. The common symptoms of opiate withdrawal, such as depression, insomnia, fatigue, muscle pain, agitation, anxiety, vomiting, and diarrhea, can quickly discourage a patient from continuing with treatment at a substance abuse treatment center. Without Suboxone treatment, the risk of relapse is much higher. Suboxone treatment also reduces opiate cravings, which further increases the chances that a patient’s recovery will be successful and that he won’t experience a relapse.

Allows for Productivity in Daily Life

Because Suboxone treatment limits opiate withdrawal symptoms and cravings, it allows patients to maintain productivity in their daily lives. Rapid opiate detox is often an inpatient procedure at a drug treatment center, and patients will have to remain in treatment for a set period of time. Suboxone can be administered on an outpatient basis, and patients will be able to maintain a job and family life while in drug treatment.