When Is Drug Use a Problem?

Sometimes, it’s easy to determine when drug use has become a problem. For example, the use of crack cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and similar illegal drugs is always considered to be a problem because there is no accepted medical use. However, abuse is not as easy to determine when the drug was legally prescribed. Often, individuals who eventually require drug detox and substance abuse treatment in West Palm Beach were legitimately prescribed the medications that have now caused their addiction.

Regardless of whether an analgesic drug was legitimately prescribed, patients tend to develop physical tolerance over time. Their bodies will need increasing amounts of the drug in order to obtain the same amount of pain relief. Drug abuse occurs when the patient uses the drug in a manner other than prescribed, such as taking additional amounts above the recommended dose. The patient may begin to crave the drug or to feel angry if they miss a dose. If family members express their concern, the patient may become secretive about taking the drug. These are all indicators that substance abuse treatment is needed.

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