Treating Addiction at South Florida Detox Center

South Florida Detox Center has helped countless people with opiate detox at our locations in Sunrise. At our outpatient detox facility, new patients undergo a thorough assessment by one of our detox-certified physicians. Then, a personalized treatment plan is developed to help each patient work toward addiction recovery. Opiate detox is the first step toward overcoming drug abuse and addictions. After the initial detox, patients may have follow-up visits and periodic assessments with our physicians.

Since our facility is an outpatient clinic, individuals struggling with opiate addiction can continue to live their lives while undergoing treatment. This arrangement is particularly ideal for people with work responsibilities and family obligations. Treatment consists of the use of Suboxone to reduce withdrawal symptoms. After the initial drug detox, the patient’s Suboxone use is gradually reduced. However, a comprehensive addiction recovery program should ideally include psychological counseling, support groups, and similar services to help individuals identify and address the triggers of drug abuse. South Florida Detox Center helps our patients connect with the local resources they need to lead an addiction-free life.

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