• Your Brain on Heroin

    If you suspect that you could have a drug dependence problem, it likely comes as no surprise that heroin addiction drastically affects the brain. Once heroin enters the brain, it binds to opioid receptors, which causes the feeling of being high and physical symptoms such as flushing, nausea, and vomiting. Heroin alters the neurochemical activity of the brain stem to adversely affect breathing and heart rate. If you have drug dependence , ceasing heroin use results in withdrawal symptoms near West Palm Beach.

    You can hear more about the effects of heroin on the brain by watching this video. It explains what happens when opiates bind to opioid receptors and it discusses how drug addiction can develop.

  • Treating a Heroin Addiction

    The first step in treating a heroin addiction is to visit one of our three drug treatment centers located near West Palm Beach. Our physicians and other staff members will be able to evaluate your needs and offer an individualized care plan. These drug abuse professionals can help you learn the proper way to use medications to fight your drug addiction. They can also conduct periodic assessments and provide referrals to other treatment services such as counseling and AA/NA meetings.

    prevent withdrawal symptoms during drug detox Suboxone

    Suboxone treatment is commonly used for recovering heroin addicts. It can help you get through drug detox without intensely craving the drug. The buprenorphine in Suboxone works by binding to the opioid receptors in your brain, which blocks withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Suboxone also contains naloxone, which prevents recovering addicts from abusing the drug. Suboxone is taken sublingually being placed under the tongue. If you’re prescribed sublingual Suboxone, you’ll place the prescribed dosage underneath your tongue and allow it to dissolve.


    Methadone has been used for decades to treat heroin addiction. Methadone is an opioid agonist that helps prevent withdrawal symptoms during drug detox . It also prevents the feeling of euphoria that fuels addiction. This medication is frequently used for recovering heroin addicts who were not able to successfully beat their addiction through other medications. If you’re prescribed methadone, you’ll have to go to an outpatient drug treatment clinic every day. Unlike Suboxone, methadone is only dispensed on a daily basis.


    Naltrexone is a non-addictive opioid antagonist that works by interfering with the actions of opioids in the brain. One possible drawback to naltrexone is that patients often have difficulty complying with their prescription instructions. A long-acting formulation of naltrexone is now available to counteract this problem. You could receive the injection once per month at an outpatient clinic, instead of taking daily doses.

    Behavioral Therapy

    Medications are essential for successfully overcoming heroin addiction. However, combining medications with counseling can be even more effective. The physician at your outpatient substance abuse center may refer you to a psychologist for behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy and contingency management have been shown to be particularly helpful for recovering heroin addicts.

  • What Is Suboxone?

    Suboxone Treatment in West Palm Beach

    Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) is a prescription medication used for drug detox. Buprenorphine is an opioid partial agonist. It works by binding to the opioid receptors in the brain to trick the brain into thinking that it has received opiates. However, while buprenorphine prevents the symptoms of opioid withdrawal in West Palm Beach, it does not cause the feeling of being high that an opiate would. Suboxone treatment also prevents ill effects such as depressed respiratory function. Additionally, buprenorphine adheres to the opioid receptors for a longer period of time than opiates do. All of these effects help individuals overcome their addictions .

    The second component of Suboxone is naloxone. Naloxone is an opioid antagonist. It helps fights drug addiction by counteracting the effects of opiates. Naloxone is added to this medication to prevent the potential abuse of Suboxone. Suboxone treatment has been helpful for countless individuals who would otherwise struggle to detox from opiates. Before receiving a Suboxone prescription, patients should be sure to disclose their full medical history and to learn about possible side effects.

  • How to Detox Safely from an Addiction

    Have you been struggling with abusing opiates, prescription drugs, or other substances? When you’re ready to take control of your life back from substance abuse, investigate safe ways to go through drug detox near West Palm Beach . Medical detox can help reduce the discomfort of detox, and can make withdrawal symptoms less severe. Seek help from qualified professionals with experience in guiding people just like you through detox to maximize your chance of a successful recovery from addiction. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about safe detox from opiates and other substances. You can detox with minimal interruption to your normal life on the right drug treatment program. Please share this important information with your friends and family. How to detox safely from an addition