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South Florida Detox Center are a collection of outpatient opiate detoxification centers located in Sunrise Broward County, West Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast area. As medical centers, our only focus is outpatient opiate detox, detoxing from the comfort of home. We strive to help people confront their addictive behaviors and overcome the physical discomfort associated with detoxification in order to lead a life free of addiction. Our physicians and staff have helped thousands of patients medically detox since 2005. Our goal is to ensure that the entire detox process is as quick, pain-free and comfortable as possible.

We are dedicated to providing all the resources needed to successfully complete outpatient detox from opiates, prescription medications or heroin. Our SAMHSA-certified physicians have extensive knowledge and experience with the detox process. As a patient of South Florida Detox Center, you can detox from the comfort of your own home with medications such as Suboxone to help ease the recovery process.

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Our doctors will help:

  • Perform the initial assessment
  • Monitor the use of your detox medications
  • Personalize a comfortable medication schedule
  • Provide consultation and advice
  • Help initiate your final reduction of detox medication in order to complete our program
  • Available for follow-up care

Call us today if you are in need of outpatient opiate detox from professionals who have decades of combined experience.

Detox: Take the First Step

We understand that opiate dependency affects every aspect of your life and the decision to detox can feel overwhelming.

South Florida Detox Center consist of a network of professionals who truly care about you and your family.

Our outpatient opiate detox professionals will guide you through the whole process. We build a personalized plan to suit each individual patient which increases the likelihood of a successful detox.

Beginning with the initial assessment and throughout the entire detox process, our patients are always treated with the kindness and respect they deserve. We provide you with the tools and advice you need to begin to get your life back on track.

We are here to help assist you with withdrawal symptoms and other complications related to your detox. You can always feel assured that our outpatient opiate program is discreet and confidential. Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you. This is one reason why we have built such a solid reputation over the last 12 years.

Our detoxification program is primarily focused on helping patients eliminate their opiate addiction through the use of Suboxone. As long as someone is truly prepared to dedicate themselves, Suboxone helps people feel well enough during this transitionary period in order to begin the work necessary to remain sober for life. During the course of our program, we help our patients slowly wean off of Suboxone over the course of several weeks. A cookie cutter method to this process is typically not very successful. We understand and respect the need to prepare a unique approach tailored to suit each individual patient’s needs and concerns.

You should budget approximately 90 minutes for your initial visit. The staff will help educate you on the proper use of Suboxone and the specifics of our outpatient detox program. Our physicians will then meet with you to speak about your medical history and to clearly understand the specifics of your opiate usage. They will develop a personalized program and prescribe an appropriate amount of medication to fit your particular situation. The Suboxone that is prescribed will ensure that any withdrawal symptoms are kept to a minimum.

Buprenorphine is a semi-synthetic opioid derivative of thebaine. It is a mixed partial agonist opioid receptor modulator that is used to treat opioid addiction. The combination buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone) is the specific medication we utilize to help manage opioid (opiates, pain medication, heroin) detoxification.

Suboxone binds to the opioid receptors and is strong enough to block other opiates. It mimics the effects of a full opiate agonist and this is why most withdrawal symptoms are eliminated and physical cravings are alleviated once someone is using Suboxone.

Outpatient Opiate Detoxification Designed for Success

We have designed our opiate detoxification program to work hand in hand with other addiction professionals vital to the recovery process.

We strongly encourage you to seek professional counseling such as behavioral therapy and rehab to help you continue to avoid opiates after detoxification. We have a network of counselors and therapists who we can refer. AA or NA meetings can also be an integral part of the process. You are not forced to speak with a therapist or attend meetings. But a successful detox without some sort of counseling is not likely. We are here to help patients manage and tolerate withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate detox as a first step toward a sober future. But we will remind you that it is not reasonable to expect to detox from opiates simply by using Suboxone. You must address and treat the underlying psychological issues which created your addictive nature.

During each subsequent visit, our physicians will evaluate your progress and medication levels. We listen and place great emphasis on your concerns and feedback. As a team, you and our physicians will determine how to appropriately help you continue a successful detox. During the detox process, you should not experience any significant withdrawal symptoms. But we recognize that everyone reacts differently to certain medications. This is why we place so much significance on the conversations and feedback we share with our patients.

An important advantage of our medical centers is that we have three offices which are conveniently located throughout south Florida. If you have any concerns or need advice, you can always reach someone associated with our clinics any day of week or after hours. If we don’t immediately answer, please just leave a message and someone will promptly respond.

There are many additional obstacles you will also face along the road to recovery. South Florida Detox Center is committed to your well-being and dedicated to your complete recovery; It is critically important to explore relapse prevention services while also undergoing medical detoxification. We will provide you a list of qualified addiction counselors/therapists in Palm Beach, Broward, Port Saint Lucie and other areas of South Florida.

To discuss your treatment options, contact one of our nearby centers

  • Palm Beach Medical (772) 675-6350
  • Broward Medical (754) 600-4697
  • Treasure Coast Medical (772) 360-4290

Suboxone helps treat addiction to:

  • Heroin
  • Hydrocodone
  • Oxycodone
  • Vicodin
  • Morphine

Our treatment program will help you combat the cravings and physical withdrawals associated with detox. Attempting to detox by going “cold turkey” is certainly something you can achieve but it is very difficult physically and psychologically. Certain medications such as Suboxone not only make it easier to endure detox but also place you in greater control of your treatment.

Inpatient detox centers and rehabs should usually be the first consideration for anyone who has health insurance coverage or the financial resources to afford this treatment method. We sympathize with those who are not in a position to enter an inpatient centers and so we make our outpatient opiate detox services as inexpensive as possible.

It is never too late to find help for yourself or for your loved one. Today is the day to begin living your life anew without the use or need of opiates. Give yourself the fresh start you deserve.

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