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South Florida Detox Center is a group of detoxification centers with locations in Palm Beach, Broward and Treasure Coast. We are dedicated to providing the assistance and resources needed to detox from opiates, prescription medications, heroin or any other chemical dependency. Our SAMHSA-certified physicians have extensive knowledge and experience with detoxification. With South Florida Detox Center, you can detox from the comfort of your own home. Call us today to learn more information at 561-337-6842 (Palm Beach Medical), 954-533-6568 (Broward Medical) or 772-595-6399 (Treasure Coast Medical).

Our doctors can help in the following ways:

  • Perform an initial assessment
  • Monitor the use of detox medication
  • Initiate the final step down of detox medication
  • Provide follow-up care

Take the First Step

We understand that chemical dependency affects every aspect of your life and making the decision to detox can feel overwhelming. Our compassionate staff will guide you through the whole process. From the initial assessment visit and detoxification to medication reduction and outside referrals, you are treated with kindness and respect. We will provide you with the tools you need to put your life back on track. Be assured that our outpatient program is discreet and confidential.

Partners for Success

We have designed our program to work hand in hand with other addiction professionals vital to the recovery process. We urge you to seek either group or individual therapy to address and resolve the underlying issues for optimal long-term success. Our services can help you manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal and set you on the path to achieve your future goals but there are many additional obstacles you will face along the way. South Florida Detox Center is committed to your well-being and dedicated to your complete recovery; We believe it is critically important to explore addiction prevention services while undergoing detoxification. We will provide to you a list of recomended addiction counselors/therapists in Palm Beach, Broward, Port Saint Lucie and other areas of South Florida.

To discuss your treatment options, contact one of our nearby centers.

  • Palm Beach Medical (561) 337-6842
  • Broward Medical (954) 533-6568
  • Treasure Coast Medical (772) 595-6399

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